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There are usually several mountains in a ski area. Each has unique features and directions, and ski slope signs are placed to help riders and skiers know what to expect when they go down the mountain. These signs also provide information about the run, such as its name, difficulty, and hazards.

This article will discuss the signs you should be aware of when entering a ski slope.

Green Circle

One of the most accessible types of ski slopes is the green circle. This is because it features a gentle gradient, which makes it an ideal choice for beginner and inexperienced skiers. Also, it’s serviced by a less intimidating lift. All of the bunny slopes are green.

Green circles are an ideal choice for those new to skiing. These are well-marked trails that are less challenging compared to the other trails.

Blue Square

A blue square run is suitable for intermediate and experienced skiers and snowboarders. Only these types of runs are recommended if you’re confident with your ability to go after steeper terrain. The groomed runs on the blue square will likely become more challenging as more people utilize them.

The blue square indicates that the trail is easy to follow and doesn’t require a lot of braking. On the other hand, if you see one at the bottom of a hill or an area with a more challenging course, you should use caution.

Yellow Square

The intermediate trail comes next level up from a “blue square.” If you’re an intermediate skier, you should choose trails with yellow squares instead of black diamond-like features. These are more challenging but not as demanding as the blue squares.

Black Diamond

Black diamond ski trails in New Zealand, Australia, and North America are known to have challenging terrain. You should only use these areas if you’re capable of dealing with the technical and steep conditions. Although these are groomed, they will not be as smooth as the green circle or blue square runs.

The black diamond paths will be perfect if you’re an experienced skier or snowboarder looking for more of a challenge. Just be careful and watch out for additional signs.

Double Black Diamond

These runs are usually not groomed and feature cliffs, drops, and natural hazards. These areas are ideal for experienced riders and unsuitable for anyone else. It’s also hard to plow these slopes since they’re not groomed.

Orange Rounded Rectangle

The orange indicates that a terrain park is a flat area with jumps, boxes, and rails. This type of area is a place where riders can enjoy performing tricks and jumps.