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Skiing is not only an ideal way to keep yourself fit and in touch with the outdoors, it is a great reason to travel the world and take in new experiences. Skiing trips can potentially yield unforgettable memories in a variety of ways, and though they are grounded in the actual act of hitting the slopes, they provide so much more in terms of making a lasting impact on travelers.

Here are a few of the best exotic skiing locations in the world.


Thredbo Skii Resort (Australia)

When thinking of Australia, skiing slopes are not typically one of the first images that come to mind. However, the country’s skiing scene is a lot stronger than you may realize, and the Thredbo Skii Resort is a testament to this notion. The resort holds “14 lifts, 56 trails, and 2,204’ of vert.,” providing visitors with an expansive and fulfilling skiing experience.

One of the resort’s most unique qualities is the time in which its skiing season takes place: June to September, when most of the world is dealing with sweltering summer conditions. Planning a getaway to Thredbo serves as a rare opportunity to sharpen your skiing skills while simultaneously beating this heat.


Alyeska Resort (Alaska)

Alaska is consistently regarded as one of the most scenically beautiful places in the world, and the Alyeska Resort is a microcosm of its reputation. Alyeska is one of the only skiing resorts sitting at sea level, and its massive annual snowfall (about 650”) keeps it in good standing within the international skiing community. Being a predominantly mountainous resort, Alyseka also provides visitors with one of the most thriving heli-skiing experiences in the world, adding to its already impressive list of unique characteristics. It is clear to see why this resort remains a popular location in destination-based skiing.


Nozawaonsen (Japan)

Standing “on a series of volcanic geology,” Nozawaonsen is probably one of the most unique skiing destinations in the world. The small village, located in Japan’s Chubu Region, maintains a quaint, relaxing atmosphere rooted in local culture and tradition. You will be able to enjoy a pleasantly detached skiing experience that stands as the antithesis of commercial ski lodge accommodations — lodging is mostly confined to ryokans, or small Japanese Inns, as opposed to large hotel towers or lodges.
During your skiing excursions, keep an eye out for dosojin statues, or symbolic wooden figures sporadically placed throughout the village. These statues are said to protect travelers from epidemics and evil spirits.