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There comes a time for most avid skiers and adventurers when riding the conventional ski lift to the top of a mountain and skiing down the same slopes becomes monotonous. The search for fresh powder and increasingly challenging terrain often takes you to some of the remote places on earth. Being able to get to the top of the mountain quickly and efficiently makes skiing to the bottom much more enjoyable. I encountered some of the best powder I’ve experienced in my life in January in Golden, British Columbia. I highly encourage anyone looking for a fun and challenging adventure to book heli skiing skiing trip immediately.

The idea of skiing fresh powder in that can only be reached via helicopter is usually just a dream for most people. Even some of the most difficult commercial ski resorts are still commercialized, and after the first run of the day you will be hard pressed to find natural powder. You are also surrounded on the mountain by a lot of people, some of which may not be well versed in skiing and can create a bad experience for others on the mountain. When you venture out to a remote location that can only be reached via helicopter or snowcat, you truly get to experience skiing natural fresh powder with only the most experienced skiers.

Looking up at an untouched mountain from the base is a thrilling experience in itself. The anticipation builds and intensifies while you are boarding the helicopter and flying to the top of the mountain. Just being in a helicopter in such a remote part of the world is an adventure in itself. The sprawling mountain ranges are pristine and seem to be never ending. Seeing it from the air is breathtaking and it allows you to get a better understanding of the sheer size of the mountain you’re about to descend.

Standing on top of the mountain after you get dropped off is truly a life-changing experience. You are really on top of the world, and the mountain’s base where you stood not long ago is barely visible. The first run is something you’ll remember forever. High alpine bowls, steep old-growth forests, and fresh powder as far as you can see. Each run is vastly different and exciting in its own way.

The mountains and skiing are the real attraction, but the people you meet create a culture that creates a truly unique experience. Everyone has a common goal of having a once-in-a-lifetime skiing experience, and that’s exactly what happens.