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When it comes to weather-based getaways, it seems like most people plan to seek out warm weather during the bitter winter months. However, when it comes to skiing, the inverse of this mentality is actually more ideal. In many cases, spring (and the late skiing season in general) serves as a great time to plan your next skiing trip.

Here are five of the best skiing resorts to visit later in the season.


Chamonix, France

Chamonix is one of France’s highest resorts — in terms of both altitude and quality. It is common knowledge that France’s best skiing snow is usually found at higher altitudes, and Chamonix easily fits this bill by sitting at nearly 3,300 meters above sea level. Depending on the conditions, the spring skiing season in Chamonix typically lasts through May, providing visitors a variety of affordable hotel accommodations and restaurants.


Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (Teton Village, Wyoming)

Nestled in Teton Village, Wyoming, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is regarded as one of the finest skiing resorts in the United States. Among the resort’s amenities are a slew of gondola lifts — some covering 2,500 feet of vertical distance, that offer skiers a variety a skiing terrains. The Teton lift, in particular, was recently opened and provides stunning views of the Tetons during its ascent.


Are, Sweden

Are’s skiing seasons lasts from November to May annually, but it is best visited in its latter months. The resort is known for its powerful floodlights, which give skiers the chance to night ski across over 100 different pistes. Other resort attractions include snow mobiles, husky rides, and cross country skis.


Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt’s famous skiing destination rests within “the shadow of the mighty Matterhorn,” a scenic position that, in itself, is worth a spring visit. Skiing in Zermatt lasts beyond May, giving late season visitors plenty of opportunity to experience its rustic charm. The resort’s lifts travel as far as 3,899 meters, offering views of its numerous stunning peaks.


Alta, Utah

Another regarded US-based resort, Alta’s snow is “almost always good” for skiing, according to, and this crucial characteristic is no different later in the skiing season — in some cases, it is actually even better. The resort’s late season durability is owed mainly to the position of its slopes, which are predominantly north-faced and are able to retain their snow for a significant period of time as a result. This combination of quality and preservation stands is a winning pair for any skier in search of a memorable late season trip.