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In today’s age of technology there are gadgets and apps for every hobby one can imagine, and skiing is no exception. Developers are feverishly competing to put out the next best skiing gadget, which helping skiing tech advance much faster than anyone anticipated. We as skiers can only sit back and reap the benefits. The following list is just a small sample size of what is available to skiers for the 2017 season.

GoPro Hero5 Black

GoPro stepped its game up with the Hero5 Black, which they are marketing as “simply the best GoPro, ever.” Building off of the huge success of the Hero4 Black, GoPro added some great features while keeping the integrity of a great 4K action camera. An LCD back, image stabilization and voice control are the big upgrades for the Hero5 in terms of usability. The camera no longer needs a plastic housing to be waterproof or dustproof, which cuts down on size and weight.

BEARTek Snow Gloves

It was only a few years ago when we were all blown away by the ability to control your iPhone with a “smart touch” glove. The glove industry has been improving and implementing different elements into their products to attract tech-savvy users.The Bearteak Snow Gloves are the ultimate glove for anyone using a GoPro or streaming music from their phone. With a built in pocket for a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi controller, the gloves allow the user to change songs, record, take a photo, and perform other commands by pressing certain fingertips together.

Oakley Airwave 1.5

The Airwave goggles turn your day on the slopes into a first-person video game by giving the person wearing them a small heads up display that has the ability to show real-time stats and analytics. Current speed, max speed, jump analytics, vertical feet by run, GPS navigation, buddy tracking through the Airwave app or another pair of Airwave goggles, music control, and smartphone connectivity to view incoming calls and text messages. Bluetooth technology allows you to interface with a heart rate monitor and other Bluetooth devices. Switchlock Technology allows you to switch out different lenses for the perfect tint.


One of my biggest fears is taking a big fall on a mountain and being stranded without cell phone service. Thanks to GoTenna, I will always be able to get in touch with someone regardless of if my phone has service or not. GoTenna pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to communicate with anyone else who has a GoTenna up to several miles away. You can share and save locations, create networks, and send text messages. Since communication can only be done via the GoTenna network, the company only sells the device in a four-pack or a pair.

Bruton ReVOLT XL Power Bank

The one downside of all of this technology is the battery power needed to operate the devices. Luckily, Bruton has developed a powerful power bank to keep that will operate in the harshest conditions. With 9000 mAh, you can recharge a smartphone up to six times on one charge. The revolt comes with a 3-in-1 USB cord and is wrapped in a silicone exoshell to make it lifeproof.

All of this technology is great for the community, but it can also pose as a distraction for many people. Make sure you test out any new gadgets before you use them on the slopes so you can protect yourself and the ones around you.